100pcs Toothbrush Standard Classic Medium Soft Individually Wrapped Wholesale Lot

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  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each medium soft toothbrush is individually wrapped in a paper casing. Toothbrush Height: 7 Inches. This ensures that the toothbrushes are well protected from germs and bacteria and can be easily redistributed. These manual toothbrushes design with ergonomic shape and grip handle for maximum control while brushing. A great low cost option for everyday use or for those ones and done circumstances.
  • MEDIUM SOFT BRISTLES: Medium soft toothbrush bristles are made soft to the touch to prevent any damage from being done to the enamel of your teeth when removing plaque. Brush away & feel the difference!
  • STANDARD SIZE: These medium soft toothbrush are standard sized. They are intended for adults but children can use them as well. Each Pack oral toothbrush comes with a variety of colors so you don’t mistake your brush with your friends or family members. Give your favorite color to your family member or pass this along to a friend when going on adventures.
  • WHOLESALE TOOTHBRUSHES: There are so many uses for toothbrushes in bulk quantity. Commercially, they can be redistributed in hotels, Airbnb apartments, dental offices, community events, school rooms, to the homeless and the needy, and hygiene drives. They are also great for personal use if you are a frequent traveler, or are in the habit of disposing of your toothbrushes often.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH: Our disposable manual toothbrushes pack is perfect for traveling, camping, business trips and those on the go. Use them as little or as long as you’d like and toss them out when you’re done! This makes them extremely convenient for everyday use or buy as wholesale toothbrush for donation.